Sunday, July 12, 2009

The west coast of the States is in for a little treat soon as Vicco shaper, rabble rouser and restless creative Maurice Cole is headed over there for some treatment for his cancer (which is going well) and to make an appearance at Sacred Craft, do some interviews and show off some boards.

Those interested in seeing something very different in three fin land should check him out. He has a lot to say. In fact it's pretty hard to shut him up.

Since he was disappearing as of today (he's in the air now) he finished off a board he's promised me for awhile now and I think this one is a bit special. Partly because it's mine, mine, mine!... but also there's a bit of that ephemeral magic about it that tells me it's a keeper.

Look carefully and you'll see it is also subtly asymmetric, with more curve, fin set further back and with more toe in on the heel side (I'm regular foot), and more drive off the toe side.

Of course the proof is in the pudding so I guess I'd better give it to Kelly instead of wasting it on Mr Wobbly.
6'3" x 20.25" x 2.75". You might think too thick and too wide but these boards will wail in 8ft Bells. They are pretty special. Very complex curves, huge concave, slightly dished tail to get the back foot closer to the water and meat under the chest.

It's also insanely strong. Glassed with aeronautic epoxy and a PU blank that I CANNOT dent - try as I might.

Now if only I could do something other than look at it.


Lee said...
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Lee said...

damn feels like i got a glass eye when i look at it let us know how she goes

Gaz said...

lotta concave in her......

lawless said...

Nice. Always good to get something a little quirky and give it a go.

Got a sick one waiting at the shop for me. Pics soon on 4ease-ya.