Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well Bell's has come and gone, the enlightening lunacy, the crazy crowds.

I say enlightening because amidst the madness were the frequent explosions of brilliance from the various pro surfers in the line up and the long dawned realisation, punctuated by what I saw, that I will never do what they do... ever, though I do draw some solace though from the thought that I now live here and most of them... don't.

This past week has been pretty lack lustre, though today it is beginning to show with a small swell. Perhaps this afternoon I might get a little sneaky paddle. A quick splash this morning saw old "not as fat as before" boy a bit off, though a last wave brought a smile back.

Today is eldest son Joey's 20th birthday, and with it the jolting thought that it has been that long. Of course it seems like yesterday, and a whole family has pretty much grown up and flown the coop in that time.

Dear Beelzebubbles at just turned 17 continues to butt his head against everything. I swear I've never seen so much fight in a person. My only hope is that the surges of hormonal nascent manhood simmer down a little, or enough, to allow the brain to work as it should, and realism to overcome that rampant dissatisfaction with this lunatic world we've created.

Another deep breath, then into another day. And so it goes.

In four weeks we depart to film The Reef. 

Seventeen days, touching forever. 

Some of the same crew from Musica Surfica, and a few new faces too. I am up to my armpits in spreadsheets and about to get a risk management report. 

Ya gotta laugh. 

How do you do a risk management report on the Gnaraloo Reef if the plan is to go surfing.. finless, on one of the heavier lefts around if any size arrives?

I imagine it'll run to one page. 

Two words.

Don't go.

Derek Hynd is taking a tiny but merry (at the start) band on a 6000 kilometre Pied Piper run across the top, through some of the wild lands and deserts. He's giving himself ten days to do it and he better not be late. 

After all he is the star of the show, and his trip will open it when it hits the screen as part of the live Orchestra and filmed accompaniment performance piece that will be The Reef.

Probably one of the few times you'd like to be a bug stuck to a windscreen. It will be an interesting ride.

Pics for today: Just a bit of the local colour from the last few days, and Winki a couple of hours ago.