Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just over two weeks since the last post, a new year stretches its arms and we begin again.

No holidays away for us over Christmas, so its been kicking back at home, babysitting a little white dog called Sonny Jim, and his scruffy brownish pal Roo, getting the occasional surf amidst the endless summer on-shores, having the odd sunset beer, worrying a lot as that is what I do best, and preparing for a new tilt with The Reef.

As a few projects are needing my computer gear in good working order, and since I've not updated software for ages I thought I'd do the right thing and do so with those tools I like to use most.

Naturally after no updates for four years or so, there are some new tricks in the code so I've been revisiting some shots just to see what it'll do. No pyrotechnics mind you, just noodling about getting a feel and trying to rescue some exposure disasters or make some silk purses from my usual sow's ears.

Digging through my Reefy snaps, taken while scouting about or waiting for waves, here are a few to start.

The chap in black and white is the wonderful Warren Pfeiffer, while the two at bottom are Ryan Burch and his little white foam slab under repair. The rest are just things I saw while wandering about.
The crab is still undergoing therapy.