Wednesday, June 30, 2010

As I've been away from my computer for a few days on a job, blog land has gone begging, not that any one would be begging for another post from me.

Last weekend I actually got in the water after crying wolf over a busted eardrum. A visit to the Doc and a phone consult with a specialist who happened to be surfing at a nearby break the day of my mishap meant an understanding ear was lent to my slightly injured one.

They're (surfers) all mad, he said. Give it a couple of weeks, stick an ear plug in, a hood on, and Bob's your aunty.. Never having had an Aunty Bob makes me wonder a little but since I did have an Aunty Ben, (Brenda) I took the advice in good faith and hit the waves for a fun splash on Sunday. Very enjoyable, uncrowded slop at Winki. Just nice to get wet.

The rest of the week has been spent kid wrangling on matters unmentionable on the internet. If you know me, ask me.

So pic, said Winki, wonki but running surprisingly true.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A weekend with a bung ear was well timed as I headed north again to visit my Dear Old Dad.

He's not well, though his spirits soar, and they were given an added lift as I carted number two son up there to keep us company as we scoffed the odd glass of red, told tall tales and kept each other company. Tom joined in the fun, and also scouted the house for adventurous possibilities.

He managed to climb most outside surfaces, jump off some, hang off others, snoop about and find ways to keep himself amused, what with no decent chance of skating or other illegal activities.

A visit to my brother's city abode was a horror show for the security conscious as Tom decided to scale the outside of the building... just to see. 30 feet to the concrete below on his way to a third floor balcony proved no barrier. Strange boy.

Pics.. Tom on the outside of a lower balcony, and a spider I nearly face planted outside Dad's house... it's about a third of a hand length across the legs, so a little one by Brisbane standards. They call it a Golden Orb as its web is... golden, as you can see.

Hopefully, next week I'm back in the water.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well what a mixed bag few days.

A meeting on the coast allowed me a short surf in messy conditions at Winki on Friday. With a storm front messing up proceedings, I strangely saw little to complain about as it gave me an excuse to go in. I was on an embarrassing streak, with the spasmo nerve around my neck, not feeling like a foot could go right.

Saturday I'm told was epic but as I had parental duties I was out of the picture. I'd had to go up country to pick up the missing 15 year old, the devil incarnate, my little Tommy. Glad to have him back though he immediately swelled to twice the size once home, more than compensating for the hole he'd left.

He'd managed to stay out of trouble while away, sort of, though he did score some "strikes" for being found up the top of a light pole, and a couple of days later, 5 metres up the side of the local bluestone church.

Why Tom?

"I'm a kid. I climb!"

What can I say?

Sunday, an afternoon run and fun onshore Bells, pretty uncrowded and having a great time trying out an old board of mine that I'd added an extra set of fins to. Now a quad, the Maurice protow was very different, and at first felt too loose, too...weird. I got the drift though and by the end of the session was really enjoying it, very, very fast, firm/loose, carvy, cracking cutbacks and I would like to have taken it for more of a blast.

Alas, an outside edge in the chop and I surfaced with a busted eardrum.

Hurt like billy-oh and the ringing in my ears was a bit like Tubular Bells (hahahahahahha). Not.

Sore and sorry for myself yesterday, ear hurting, head still ringing.

Out for a few weeks.

PIC: Tommy at the end of his camp, and Bells, grey, sloppy, but fun.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Fireworks this morning for some godforsaken reason, the 18 year old lighting the blue touch paper and stepping back as he shut the door behind him on the way to school. Sue and I getting very hot under the collar over study patterns and sleep or lack thereof. God you wonder what to do trying to manage cauldrons of hormones and doors being slammed off their hinges.

A less than impressive beginning to a week ended by a fine weekend, good waves on Saturday morning, followed by a fun Sunday visiting the littler fella at the nearly ended camp he's been on. Impressed with speeches, circus skills and musical performances, I thought we'd manage to get the week away with smiley faces but alas, 'twas not to be.

Compounding that I have the guilts as I've begun cold calling to build the client base and would rather pull teeth, so I'm blogging between pressing buttons.

Pics: An early surf check, the lineup at Bells and the weather that threatened all day yesterday.

It must have been a harbinger of mornings to come.

Friday, June 04, 2010

I had cause to nip down the coast yesterday, a 'board meeting' you might say. A quick surf was had, guilt limiting the time in the water as I was there to pick up some boards and head back to get some work done.

The boards in question are a perfect and very beautiful set of replicas Maurice Cole needs some studio shots of. As I have 'connections' in that area I've put my hand up, and departed for Melbourne much later than I'd intended, MC given to talking way too much for way too long.

Replicas of what, you ask?

Well since it's early days we can't say much but a hint to those who know their history... one of the boards has yellow rails.

The pic, a lazy, hazy grey Bells yesterday morning, more of that slack autumn wind, flopping from on to offshore and back, the sun playing hide and seek, with hide winning. Rain bands threatened or drizzled all day. I like weather like that.