Friday, June 04, 2010

I had cause to nip down the coast yesterday, a 'board meeting' you might say. A quick surf was had, guilt limiting the time in the water as I was there to pick up some boards and head back to get some work done.

The boards in question are a perfect and very beautiful set of replicas Maurice Cole needs some studio shots of. As I have 'connections' in that area I've put my hand up, and departed for Melbourne much later than I'd intended, MC given to talking way too much for way too long.

Replicas of what, you ask?

Well since it's early days we can't say much but a hint to those who know their history... one of the boards has yellow rails.

The pic, a lazy, hazy grey Bells yesterday morning, more of that slack autumn wind, flopping from on to offshore and back, the sun playing hide and seek, with hide winning. Rain bands threatened or drizzled all day. I like weather like that.

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Gaz said...

Do the initials TC come into the equation? Just taking a stab.....