Thursday, January 31, 2008

A couple more reviews for Musica Surfica came through today.

The tone, again, similar to previous and generally the response has been really good. People mostly love it, none hate it, a few a little puzzled, but at least it gets them thinking. Hopefully soon we'll sell it in overseas, and to free-to air - giving it the wider audience we'd like.

Also, Reverb asked me about the board I rode at the spot in the last post. It was a 6'2' x 20.5 x 2.5" Maurice Cole with about 3/4 inch of concave running into a slight v in the tail. The board pictured is very similar, but a bit thicker. And Rev... the wall wasn't that mellow. A lot of power and on the day a bit bumpy with sections. It made it interesting, with nice bits to work off. Fin set up was Red X with an asymmetric placement. Toe side fin forward, heel back and rear in the middle but should have been right back.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A quick post charting the weekend.

I had a few days away with my great mate Rod, staying at his house after a long absence in one of the more isolated parts of Vicco, an area tending to the more secret. Guarded by the locals, it's no names but those who know will recognise the location.

His kids all rip, right down to the 11 year old Benjamin, and my Tom had a hit as well, got a couple, got belted, marveled at Rod and Hazel's boy's ability in the water, and they did the same when he skated.

Got a few surfs in, several at a harbour mouth spot that is the ultimate demoralizer... I rarely have a happy surf out there, washing machine conditions, you get the odd good one then a severe thrashing, and yet the local kids blitz it.
Stand out session, however, was at a big reef that is just about my favourite spot in all the world.

It just agrees with me.

A big right peak, power in spades, steep takeoff and often a power packed wall to follow. I love it.
So, Saturday morning I make a run over to it, one car in the carpark... which I recognize.

Check it, snap these shots with the phone... now that the snapper is dead... and head out to a couple hours of 6-8foot (easily) fun and games.

To make it interesting I took out the 6'2", which proved very flighty and raised the only two eyebrows (apart from mine) in the water.

Russel was on a 7'9'' and admitted to being a bit over gunned as while the takeoff needed it, the wall didn't. I was looking for windows in, found a few, had one filthy late take off and thought well of myself. The later session at the other break remove any feelings of adequacy, but for a couple of brief moments I was, I have to admit, a bit smug.

Still, it was good to surf with Russ. His nickname is Hellman, and at 57 he thinks nought of paddling out solo on Mavericks sized waves to surf his passion, which I won't name. He built his house with views of it, I think his ashes will be scattered there, and there is no doubt, as I've experienced it from the water, that the waves he has seen rage through that line up are the equal (on their day) of any on the planet. Picture 20 foot Kirra on steroids. Then a bit.

We enjoy every surf we have together (he was a couple of years above me at school) and we always have a good yap.

So here's a couple of snaps, and more about the reception to Musica Surfica later.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Well tomorrow's the big day for Musica Surfica, and I'm off down the coast for a couple of days so I won't even see it on the box. Still, it has now appeared in the TV Guides.. so, for all you "over there" this is what a couple of them have to say...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hi all.

Back from the three weeks up the coast and not particularly ready for action. As you can expect after that amount of time spent lolling about in the water or eating prawns, the thought of the daily grind fills me with dread.

Still, one must do what one must.

Surf wise, not as flash as last year up there. Arrived to a macking swell along the entire east coast of Australia that lit up everywhere ... but where I was. North east swell with north east winds meant it was onshore everywhere it was on and not on everywhere it was off. Finally though the wind did behave and I got a few surfs in at a very punchy slab called Pink Rocks... which it did. Biggest waves nudging 8 feet, my performance varying from going hard to getting hit pretty bloody hard, but no beltings along the bottom and a smiling old fart at the end.

Easily the best waves I've had up there.

Pictures, I have them, but you'll have to wait as not long after that I went for a snorkel to see the pretty fishies and my crappy snapper finally kicked the bucket... full of water and dead as a dodo.

Other news... well, Musica Surfica hits the airwaves this Saturday as it premieres on Foxtel's Bio channel.

It's received rave reviews (from all my friends) and I can't wait to see how the real world reacts. I'll keep you posted on what, when and where internationally, as our next job is to sell it overseas. If we end up making enough I might be able to take it somewhere or other, but I ain't holding my breath.

So... until I get my pictures off the camera... here's a piccie from Broulee (or as Gaz calls it.. Creme Broulee) from last year.