Monday, November 11, 2013

I just had to fit in a post, perhaps for fun. Not sure really.

Great Ocean Quarterly is now up and out there, sales are anecdotally good, and we are beginning to receive correspondence from potential contributors, which is very heartening. Some very good writers and photographers are coming on board, with all the excitement good work brings as we start to sift through and Make a Plan.

In parallel, I've been over to Western Australia working towards bringing The Reef to the big screen, with a view to returning to the far North West in the middle of next year to make good an already wonderful recipe. 

Nothing signed or sealed yet, but the smoke signals are good.

For my home waters, we are now in the middle of our first run of real rubbish surface and swell conditions for some months, on shores howling away and the surf empty bar the odd aberration of a day that creates some magic out of a sea of popcorn.

With that in mind a memory still lives of a weekend just two weeks back, a day of days in a winter of winters.
The waves peaked at a strong Victorian 10 feet... and the picture here is after I came in, the wave not far off half the size of the sets that had been on offer just an hour or so earlier. The pic is in an onshore swing from a perfectly aligned glassy/offshore, so with this wave as the bad, imagine the good.

Onwards, pals and buddies.

Keep your fingers crossed as this barb wire canoe I continue to paddle seems to be having leaks plugged and gathering a head of steam.

To Marky and Jock, my new partners in dreams, thanks for keeping my meanderings on course, and fingers crossed for what's up next….

PS: the next issue of GOQ is looking wonderful, but no tasters just yet, and I should save them for our website anyway...

PPS: and the bottom shot is what was given away as an beautiful art print to our first subscribers. A beautiful art print by Jon Frank of the entrance to Port Philip Bay, affectionalelly know as The Rip, though it is a body of water sailors worldwide regard with some awe. Mad place when it is angry and mad when still, too.