Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Almost a month, again, since the last post, but what a month.

We left the cold of south eastern Australia in winter to begin our tour of The Reef in the far north, in Darwin, before heading across and south through outback towns and cities, giving a different world a taste of the places we play, and musical delights they might never, ever get a a chance to hear.

The response has been phenomenal, with standing ovations almost every where, for a program that the musicians themselves said was one of the most diverse and challenging they'd ever played.

Two days ago the 2012 tour ended at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, sold out, over 3000 people and again, we received a standing ovation. I'd never have imagined standing on that stage, would not even have considered it as a bucket list note, and there I was, with Richard Tognetti, Jonny Frank and the Orchestra, doing a schoolboy bow in my new shoes and shirt.

I had intended going to the show in my green polo shirt, blue and green sneakers and jeans, but Jonny took one look at me, said 'you look like bloody Kermit the Frog, go buy a dark shirt'... so I did. 

Along with some new shoes.

Beau Brummell is under no threat from me but for once I can thank my credit card for something.

It exploded shortly after.

From what I understand plans are already a foot to take The Reef to other Australian states next year, and overseas too. I even heard California mentioned, so fingers crossed Cali pals as that would be a blast. I'd truly love Ryan Burch and his parents along as the guy is an out and out National Treasure, and provided a lightness of being that only care free and twenty three can bring.

In between all that we also had a run of all time waves that young Derek Hynd lucked into while he and I did a few tweaks to a couple of the Reef pieces. Riding my finless board better than I ever dreamt, DH tore up some very sizeable waves and I managed six days straight that almost got this fat boy slim.

Ahhh well.

Pics.: A pic from rehearsals in Darwin, a slice of a two hundred metre queue waiting to get into the Broome concert, and some local colour from one of the smaller days last week at Bells and Winki. And that was not a typo. These from the smaller days, from four minutes from my front door.