Monday, January 21, 2008

Hi all.

Back from the three weeks up the coast and not particularly ready for action. As you can expect after that amount of time spent lolling about in the water or eating prawns, the thought of the daily grind fills me with dread.

Still, one must do what one must.

Surf wise, not as flash as last year up there. Arrived to a macking swell along the entire east coast of Australia that lit up everywhere ... but where I was. North east swell with north east winds meant it was onshore everywhere it was on and not on everywhere it was off. Finally though the wind did behave and I got a few surfs in at a very punchy slab called Pink Rocks... which it did. Biggest waves nudging 8 feet, my performance varying from going hard to getting hit pretty bloody hard, but no beltings along the bottom and a smiling old fart at the end.

Easily the best waves I've had up there.

Pictures, I have them, but you'll have to wait as not long after that I went for a snorkel to see the pretty fishies and my crappy snapper finally kicked the bucket... full of water and dead as a dodo.

Other news... well, Musica Surfica hits the airwaves this Saturday as it premieres on Foxtel's Bio channel.

It's received rave reviews (from all my friends) and I can't wait to see how the real world reacts. I'll keep you posted on what, when and where internationally, as our next job is to sell it overseas. If we end up making enough I might be able to take it somewhere or other, but I ain't holding my breath.

So... until I get my pictures off the camera... here's a piccie from Broulee (or as Gaz calls it.. Creme Broulee) from last year.


Beach Bum said...

Welcome back Mick - it's still Sunday night here ...guess the world does spin after all. Might be a dumb question but is there a way we can get to see your Musica Surfica baby soon after it airs? I'd love to write it up over at - the snippets I've followed and the write up in the Sydney Herald have me hungry for more!

Patch said...

Glad to see your back in action Mick, I missed your bloody blog.

seamouse said...

Hey Mick, glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday. You didn't win the comp but send me your postal address anyway as I have something to send you.(

ras said...

happy new year and welcome back to internetland. let us know how musica is received. DH's article in the latest TSJ was great by the way. Can't wait to see the finless action.

Max Parker Bakos said...

Howdy Professor... sorry, didn't have your email address, and wanted to pass this PSC event info on to you. Hope you're well mate, see ya soon.
Flick me your new email address -
(PS: Kaz and I had a baby boy last week - Ziggy Bakos!)

All EX PSC MEMBERS AND FRIENDS WELCOME TO COMPETE in SINGLE FIN CONTEST and FUN Day. Background to the Event... Australia Day Long Weekend SAT 26th JAN @ Gunna 1 PSC to run contest on the day 2 Original 70’s Boards only 3 A judge to be appointed on board ruling to oversee and pass boards 4 Expression Session to be held before the finals. Surfers will be by invitation only......... Surfers – eg. Wayne Lynch, Mick Pierce, Ted Bainbridge, Phil Grace, Paul and Phil Trigger, Wally Tibbles , Mick Shaffer , John Wilson, Skip Easton, Geoff Smith, Mark Mc Cabe Ian Portingale, , John Jolly, George Paterson to name just a few 5 Presentation of the Single fin comp will be held at the Club Rooms. 6 Followed by a 70’s Theme Night AT THE CLUB ROOMS

clayfin said...

wondered where you went...

nm said...

Welcome back & Happy New Year, Sir Mick.