Thursday, January 31, 2008

A couple more reviews for Musica Surfica came through today.

The tone, again, similar to previous and generally the response has been really good. People mostly love it, none hate it, a few a little puzzled, but at least it gets them thinking. Hopefully soon we'll sell it in overseas, and to free-to air - giving it the wider audience we'd like.

Also, Reverb asked me about the board I rode at the spot in the last post. It was a 6'2' x 20.5 x 2.5" Maurice Cole with about 3/4 inch of concave running into a slight v in the tail. The board pictured is very similar, but a bit thicker. And Rev... the wall wasn't that mellow. A lot of power and on the day a bit bumpy with sections. It made it interesting, with nice bits to work off. Fin set up was Red X with an asymmetric placement. Toe side fin forward, heel back and rear in the middle but should have been right back.


billy said...


I don't know how many of your regular readers have had a chance to see Musica Surfica yet but as I had the private viewing I thought I might add a little comment.

it is a doco that will appeal to people on so many levels and will broaden the horizons of those who have so far stayed within the restrictive borders of their own respective artform.

As a non-surfer whose musical training stopped at year 7 recorder it was a a real pleasure to see virtuosos pushing their own and each others limits. Challenges were set and met and King Island really provoked people to think differently.

In both surf and music the enjoyment of participant, viewers and listener was palpable.

I know people will love it when they see it and I hope it becomes one of those transformative docos that prompts both surfers and musos to jump to the next level of the artforms.

Very proud of you big brother, your my renaissance man!!

love Billy

reverb said...

...well, Im a reader who didnt see the film yet
but seems pretty cool

-thank you for the report
that board has a heavy concave for that size!

-I said mellow in relation to your writing about the other guy with a big board "..the take off needed it but the wall didn t.."
from here I see a steep wave, he he

NiegĂ  said...

Looking forward to see MS soon here in Europe. Any plans of exhibiting it during any of the surf film festival that happen in early summer?


seamouse said...

Hey Mick,

Super glad you like the print.
The asymmetric fin placement on your board is a neat idea. I saw a Christenson fish this year with keel one side and half quad and wings the other. Always nice to see something a little different I reckon but I guess I'm preaching to the converted!