Monday, February 04, 2008

A couple of years back some a couple of guys decided to paddle out at one of our local tow spots. The tow boys were right peed of as you might imagine as it was cranking. Still they did the right thing and let the paddle surfers do it the simpler way.

Luckily the second string spot nearby wasn't bad, but not nearly as good.

This is the crap wave.

Can you imagine what the good one was like?

As ever, no names, and I'll get my arse kicked probably, but isn't it lovely such delights exist out there for those lucky enough to have the resources (and balls) to take them on?


clayfin said...

hard to believe you have to worry about spots like that getting crowded.

Gaz said...

What a drop!

reverb said...

...I think after one ride a bomb like that and go to the land, you may think all is possible