Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A weekend with a bung ear was well timed as I headed north again to visit my Dear Old Dad.

He's not well, though his spirits soar, and they were given an added lift as I carted number two son up there to keep us company as we scoffed the odd glass of red, told tall tales and kept each other company. Tom joined in the fun, and also scouted the house for adventurous possibilities.

He managed to climb most outside surfaces, jump off some, hang off others, snoop about and find ways to keep himself amused, what with no decent chance of skating or other illegal activities.

A visit to my brother's city abode was a horror show for the security conscious as Tom decided to scale the outside of the building... just to see. 30 feet to the concrete below on his way to a third floor balcony proved no barrier. Strange boy.

Pics.. Tom on the outside of a lower balcony, and a spider I nearly face planted outside Dad's house... it's about a third of a hand length across the legs, so a little one by Brisbane standards. They call it a Golden Orb as its web is... golden, as you can see.

Hopefully, next week I'm back in the water.

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Anonymous said...

I love these shots. The portrait is fantastic.