Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well what a mixed bag few days.

A meeting on the coast allowed me a short surf in messy conditions at Winki on Friday. With a storm front messing up proceedings, I strangely saw little to complain about as it gave me an excuse to go in. I was on an embarrassing streak, with the spasmo nerve around my neck, not feeling like a foot could go right.

Saturday I'm told was epic but as I had parental duties I was out of the picture. I'd had to go up country to pick up the missing 15 year old, the devil incarnate, my little Tommy. Glad to have him back though he immediately swelled to twice the size once home, more than compensating for the hole he'd left.

He'd managed to stay out of trouble while away, sort of, though he did score some "strikes" for being found up the top of a light pole, and a couple of days later, 5 metres up the side of the local bluestone church.

Why Tom?

"I'm a kid. I climb!"

What can I say?

Sunday, an afternoon run and fun onshore Bells, pretty uncrowded and having a great time trying out an old board of mine that I'd added an extra set of fins to. Now a quad, the Maurice protow was very different, and at first felt too loose, too...weird. I got the drift though and by the end of the session was really enjoying it, very, very fast, firm/loose, carvy, cracking cutbacks and I would like to have taken it for more of a blast.

Alas, an outside edge in the chop and I surfaced with a busted eardrum.

Hurt like billy-oh and the ringing in my ears was a bit like Tubular Bells (hahahahahahha). Not.

Sore and sorry for myself yesterday, ear hurting, head still ringing.

Out for a few weeks.

PIC: Tommy at the end of his camp, and Bells, grey, sloppy, but fun.

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