Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Not just for the sake of posting, here is a little bit of footage I discovered of Derek Hynd shot a week or so back.

The dear boy is still at it. Three weeks in JBay filming for Jack McCoy. Half his luck.

At about 27secs the rail grab bottom turn he does is out of this world, and you get a sense of the speed he's getting as your compare him to the poor soul he drops in on in the beginning.

As for us down here in Vicco, it's cold, onshore and either fat or flat.

Next week holds promise.

Derek Hynd, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. 26/06/09 from Yves Van den Meerssche on Vimeo.


lawless said...

Amazing. He's got it dialed for sure.

Alan_M said...

Derek. J-Bay. Wow.

Anonymous said...

pretty weak dropping in on that bloke

Anonymous said...

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