Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't you love a good meeting? Especially when it is scheduled for a day with a few waves, and th emeetin is right by the surf?

Finally our drought of swell above three feet has broken, and while I didn't manage any mega barrels like my last surf (!!!!!) I did manage a few tasty waves yesterday on the new board. It goes great, maybe even phenomenally, notwithstanding the plonker who it has the misfortune of having as Ship's Captain.

Oh to see Kelly aboard.

Still I had a lot of fun and it took me to places I hadn't been for awhile (other than the bottom) until fatigue set in and old Mr Robot Legs possessed me as he usually does a couple of hours in.

Banyak buddies Rod and Justin shared the line up at different times and generally the crew were pretty mellow given the lack of waves preceding yesterday, so all was right with the world when I actually made it to the boardroom table. Well, kitchen table actually.

It was an informal meeting after all.

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