Thursday, July 23, 2009

A fortunate alignment of the stars yesterday (perhaps it was the solar eclipse) conspired to have me down the coast for a work related meeting yesterday.

On leaving the meeting I noticed that somehow my new board and wetsuit had fallen into the back of the car, which not long after accidentally stopped in the Winkipop carpark above the first good waves in about six weeks.

I know, your jaws are agape at the coincidence.

You will appreciate then, my astonishment when I found myself, on my very first wave on my brand new board, getting a screamer from uppers all the way to near the valley, close to 200 metres, even managing a few turns that may have even drowned a bee.

Naturally I told the family it had been a bit of a tough day at work though I suspect I'll be explaining the sudden appearance of my wetsuit on the clothes line.

On another note, and a very happy one, I heard from Maurice Cole that his biopsy is in and he has been declared cancer free. Now that makes for a Happy Day.

Well done mate.

Pics. Winki via my iPhone post surf as Joey had nicked my camera from my bag, and a far better rendition of another day, via my dear, but mildly(!) eccentric pal Rod, who's Great Ocean Road Calendar 2010 will be out soon.

You can see why they call it the Great Ocean Road, or why this coast is called the Surf Coast. The view is from Boobs, through Winki to Bells and beyond. Get the calendar. It is full of goodies and sits well on any coast lover's wall.


NiegĂ  said...

Nice lines.

Grrrrr.... jealous!


Toddy said...

Yep, sounds like a good occurrence. And nice to have a friend cancer free.

Anonymous said...

love the wave image

walrus said...

my, my.. I feel I may reside on the wrong side of the bay..