Monday, July 13, 2009

I've never posted so often in such a tight space of time but I stumbled across something that needs a little attention.

Just recently I've been doing a little project for Maurice Cole. Within the job we snapped a history of his tow boards and since I've been spending some time with the lad (I can say that as we're the same age) I do know that a twin stringered board of his was borrowed and ridden in the incredible Kirra swell post Quiksilver contest by a certain Mr Slater. Apparently he loved the board.

So when I read that the latest run of boards Kelly is experimenting with are inspired by wake boards and manta rays.. well. No.

The shot at top left is the Twitter shot of K's new shapes. The next is Kelly at Kirra.

The concave shot is a tow board shot on the shaping stand last Friday.

Below them are a progression of MC's more recent carbon fibre tow boards. The one at far right is Tom Carroll's new board.

And two posts down is my board. Look closely at the tail and you'll see the shape ( as opposed to the glassing) is also the same crescent configuration. Maurice calls it a Swat tail (half swallow, half bat).

So credit where credit is due. No more. No less.

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NiegĂ  said...

If I'm not confused by what I've read, what you call the swat tail in kelly's boards (twitter pic) is actually the board's nose!! A full Gemini copy as the same concept (split nose) was developped in the 80s (and still has its following) under the name of Gemini.

But again I could be wwong...