Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dreams are what keep us going.

For years I've gazed out the window and wished for a place on the coast, and forever had it move quietly out of reach as kids, school fees, surf movies and a dear wife who loves the city keep me dreaming on.

Then you see things like this and wish it was yours, parked on a windswept corner of the earth gazing out over a storm wracked ocean, a coastline of nooks and crannies with hidden gems begging for footprints on untracked beaches.

Of rain on the roof and a cracking fire.

One day. I'd even let them bury me nearby at the end of it all.

Who designed it?

Find out here.


walrus said...

Ha, met Casey Brown when I worked on Sastrugi lodge in Thredbo.. many yarns to be told.. hoping and praying your going to let me have a little play on that fine Maurice Cole of yours..mmmm asymmetricly..

Eef said...

i want one too, they look awesome!


Anonymous said...

I used to work in a Glen Murcutt house in Point Piper. the bathroom was amazing, tour boats used to go by and I could wave at them from the shower

Casey's portfolio looks fabulous

Kirk said...

Genius mate, this and the Cole board posts have made my month! Got to check a few of the Coles at Sacred Craft this past weekend- totally amazing, there was a 6'4 I was frothing over, and it would be excellent stashed upstairs in a place like this!