Saturday, September 05, 2009

A very quiet run on the work front, with panic lurking behind every bush saw me putting up my hand to help my producer mate Richard Keddie. He was casting about for suitable extras in the telemovie he is producing on the life of former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

Aptly titled Hawke, it looks the goods and if the inhabiting of persona is any indicator then the guy playing Hawke, Richard Roxburgh, is up for a more than a few awards. He is doing an incredible job.

So there I spent the last couple of days, bored out of my mind getting paid stuff all as I waited for my moments to look like sagely Cabinet member Senator Nick Balkos. Told to grow my beard and don a suit, I did a good job of frowning, folding my arms and looking serious.

So begins and ends my career on the silver screen.

The day after it all finished I went for a surf. Had to. I couldn't stand feeling so effing old.

The pics then are me looking serious waiting to look even more serious, the Rincon line up and my friend Tony's five ten speed dialler made by Kiwiland's Roger Hall. It's heavy, fast, and glides into waves as if I was on a board three feet longer.

A very fun, different way to surf.

When I have money I must buy one.


Paddy Cakes said...

Playing Nick Bolkus, oh father will be proud...not. How much are the Kiwi boards?

Toddy said...

Eh that looks like a good lineup.

lawless said...

Tight polish on those shoes. :D

nursemyra said...

Richard Roxburgh as Hawke? okaaaay...

Miles said...

nice spot !!! not tooo crowded comparatively speaking