Wednesday, September 09, 2009

As those of you who have been here before can see, I've been fiddling about with the layout.

The lines come from old Algy Swinburne, diminutive man about town, pre-Raphealite poet and slightly twisted chappy when it came to spankings. He was a gifted man with words though, and it is for these wonderful lines that I thank him.

I passed the header by my mate Richie, who is my worst critic. In fact he's everybody's worst critic but I do think that is part of his charm. He said go with the version with the pic of me, so as an International Man of Mystery (you can see I saw a rerun of Austin Powers last night,) I thought it appropriate to show my 55 year old gnome like silhouette to confirm there is flesh and blood lurking behind the blather about life, the waves, and gurgling around on the bottom of the sea which as you know I do with alarming frequency.

All comments welcomed but
it remains to be seen if I take any bloody notice, and I may fiddle some more anyway as some things have dropped off.

Now that sounds familiar.

Pic, just for the sake of it. Me coming back to the boat from a Banyak surf. Near as damn to exactly one year ago.

I didn't have a cold, the water was bathtub warm and you can bet your backside it still is. Some lucky bastard is standing in that boat at this minute...

Whoever you are, catch one for all of us.


walrus said...

That is quite a grand poem..

nm said...

nice. like it...