Sunday, September 20, 2009

Today I had a late run for a splash as the Devil Incarnate (Tom) was off on A Road Trip with a few skating mates, to Sydney and stops on the way.

So of course I had to see him off and in fact dropped him off at the pick up stop.

We're both typical worried parents.. more like worried for Sydney I think but I see it as the equivalent of the grommit on the surf trip. They're good lads, so fingers crossed.

Anyway, all this meant I didn't head off until after midday, and hit the waves around half one at Winki (for a change.)

It was a bit lack lustre but as the tide dropped it began to show some form... nothing mind boggling mind you but it was running through, and the speed runs are a blast, even at 2-3ft.

Despite the crowd, I had a lot of fun, and my final wave was so good I had to come in on it as there was no hope that I'd better it.

The obligatory shots were taken in waning light. I was a bit careless with camera stillness, mostly because I was having a conversation at the time.

The blur that resulted though did emphasise the one thing that sets Winki apart.


Even small and almost sloppy, you do get a whizz on..

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nursemyra said...

I could keep an eye on him.... there's a skate ramp very near the gimcrack