Tuesday, September 22, 2009

School holiday time and as paying work is QUIET I thought I'd help our elder son Joey and drop him down the coast were he's spending a few days with some mates.

Naturally I needed to fit in a splash with the lad, and we managed a fun paddle out at one of the Phillip Island reefs that start to work as our summer pattern begins to show itself. The one fly in the ointment was a guy on a longboard (no disrespect to longboarders.. I love the art) who insisted on paddling inside everyone and taking Every Set Wave that came through. It was a tad inconsistent, so this meant he had the best of it. He clearly missed out when the manners were handed out, but had second helpings on a plate of selfish.

I swear if eyes had lasers he wouldn't have a head as every other chap in the lineup was getting a little shirty with him.

Older guy too, though not as old as you know who, but then, not many are.

Still, 'twas fun, and as we all know, if the wind changes when we're frowning, we are stuck with it forever.

The pic, by Joey, while waiting for the old man to come in. Unfortunately he missed my hell snap and gouging cutback, but then, I did too.


kurungabaa said...

"Unfortunately he missed my hell snap and gouging cutback, but then, I did too."

They always slip by me too haha. Either that or I have Alzheimers ;-)

Surf looks 'summery'

walrus said...
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walrus said...

He wasn't going bald was he? those balding longboarders seem to be sitting pretty close to the apex of the idiot triangle these days..