Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As I mentioned my older son Joey in the last post I thought it might be fun to show you what rings his bell.

I'm always rabbiting on about The Devil Incarnate (Tom) but the big boy is rarely getting into scrapes worth mentioning apart from the near bottling he got returning home from a party recently... and parties seem to be what he, and most 17 year olds, are best at. That and chasing girls.

He's a damn side better at that than I ever was but then you only have to look at the boy to see why.

Joey = Prince. Mick = Toad.

How the National Geographic managed to snap a shot of me I'll never know. Suffice to say next time I bump into Mr Tim Laman I'll make sure a hair and make up lady is about.

Well... make up anyway.

The other thing Joey is good at is with his artistic endeavors. As part of his work year he embarked on a graphic novel as part of his Visual Communications subject.

Called "750ml to The Ground", it tells the story of all the things that can go wrong when you have a little too much to drink and subsequent encounters with bouncers, fighting with your mates, drinking, more drinking and girls who exaggerate... a lot.

Below are a few pages, from a much larger body of work, that he gutted himself doing over the last month or two. Every drawing he did without reference, apart from his prodigious memory, and a camera for the backgrounds. As I watched it come together I was gobsmacked to be honest, as I've rarely seen in thirty odd years in advertising someone so adept at such a young age.

The characters are Joey (as Tony) and his mates... as themselves.


Toddy said...

These are rad.

nm said...


Jamie Watson said...

You made me smile...and your son - what a talent!

Gaz said...

Very cool, but be careful lad....tsk tsk....... :-)

nursemyra said...

Talented and gorgeous - can't be all just his mother's genes