Thursday, September 27, 2007

Patchies Hideout is one of my favourite stopovers when I get a moment to cruise the lineup at right.

What little tit-bit awaits from that colourful mind?

The man has a lot of energy, or an understanding wife, or too much free time on his hands, or all of the above as I have no idea how he manages to produce so much, on a near daily basis. And he gets more surfs than me.

Not hard.

A couple of weeks back I had a surf down at Cathedral Rock, and on leaving the water I was glancing around for 'photo ops'. At my feet, and pretty much staring back at me, was what I saw as Patch's work, in stone. Has he been sneaking down to the the Southern Hemi at night?

I wonder if his wife knows?


Patch said...


That's a stunning photo, colors and all, very 'Patchesque', and my wife, well she's my true inspiration, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Patch kicks ass with his amazingly prolific work.

warm jet said...

truly a rare surfer for the break he
mainly surfs.
The man's got a bit more in the noodle than your average "action sports" type in the water.
More Patch, less Fuel TV!
Also a wealth of musical info.

Sharkbait said...

There is something fundamentally stunning about this photo. I saw it first on Patchie's and then jumped over here. I can't stop looking at it!