Friday, September 07, 2007

Three years ago right now I was having the time of my life on a boat trip in the islands off Northern Sumatra.

Never have I been so relaxed.

Surf, read, paint, talk, eat, sleep. No hassles, shops, cars, work, deadlines... nothing. Below is my favourite shot of the entire trip. Chris and the crew, loving it.

And one of the little water colours I'd do each night, up on the top deck. This was the last one on the last day of the trip.

Let's hope I can one day show you some new ones from another little adventure, or three.


clayfin said...

Nice Mick. I'm sure you can find a nice little adventure worth painting close to home.

Patch said...

Water color is not an easy medium, you've obviously got the knack. Looks great mate!

seamouse said...

Sounds like a great trip simular to a month and a half I spent in Fiji.
Some sun, good company and waves. It doesn't take much more to keep me happy.

Gum said...

Two pictures, few lines... more than enough to make me smelt in the minute: The unique atmosphere of such a trip and your talent at resuming it just in one picture and this wonderful drawing.

The best invitation to dream on this sunday!

Thank you, Mick!