Monday, September 03, 2007

Ooooooooh I was a bad lad today and did an early run on a Monday morning. I'd done the right thing by hanging around on Fathers Day...while it was 6ft and offshore at Bells.

I'm a good Dad aren't I?

So anyway, Richard Tognetti of Musica Surfica fame, violin god and pretty good bloke is in town for a couple of concerts so we hooked up for a surf and made the run.

Wind stayed in the offshore(ish) quarter for long enough for us to have a few laughs, and I took the happy snapper out stuffed down the front of my wetty.

The results, well, um,,, they're great...aren't they? (Aren't they?)

One is Rich dropping into the only wave he rode that was within shooting distance, two is an accident while duck diving and three is of well, er, um.. a rock.

Hmmmm. Back to work.


nm said...

Good stuff Mr. Mick!

Patch said...

That is a bitchin' rock though.

clayfin said...

Patch, you stole my comment!

Gum said...

No question, Mick, I really like your blue wallpaper but I reckon the two other pictures please me much better, though.

(Don't beat me!...I'm just remaining an idiot through the years...)

More coming on your box soon!

Gazelle said...

Nice. The water color and sky are very inviting - fresh, cool, and clean!