Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Musica Surfica Update.

Up in Sydney today for some meetings regarding Musica Surfica. A lot of work to do, but with luck it'll be on air in Australia before Christmas, so perhaps early next year for the DVD. Let's hope so.

While up there I gave Derek Hynd a call, and he was waiting at the Foxtel reception for me afterwards.

Come on Mick, I thought I'd give you a lift to the airport.

Of course, you'll have to sit in the back seat because Mack (the dog) sits next to me.

Good old Mack.

Good 'ol Derek.

Had a great chat on the way but not before he showed me his latest incarnation of a finless.

It's better in bigger waves, he says. Don't need to pump for speed so much.


At 3ft 6" I think he's giving new meaning to minimal.


Anonymous said...

Holy shii that is sweet. Always pushin' the limits. Short short boards rule!


Doc said...

When the board looked like that (after snapping it) we usually threw it in the can...

seamouse said...

that's progressive. hmmm, I have no idea on the hydrodynamics for that. I'm guessing DH could ride a matchstick if he wanted.