Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday... Richie and I hit it down to a dying swell and a roaring offshore. Drove around for a bit, visited Bells for a toilet stop, drove some more, finally settling on giving Marky a call.

What's 13th like mate?

Tiny, but I'll go for a mal surf if you come 'round for a cuppa tea afterwards.

Ended up having a lovely session to ourselves on a little right, then a couple of others decided to paddle out so we ditched it. Too crowded.

As you can see it was packed.

The other two shots detail the Bell's dunny. (Oz for toilet, toilette en Francaise)

Painted by a local indigenous artist about 10 years ago (at least) it is a testimony to respect on many levels.

Respect for the original inhabitants and their lore.

Respect for the place. At its best a home away from home.

Respect for the artist. Not one piece of grafitti has ever graced it's exterior walls.

Respect for the kids who chose not to. There is hope yet.


Patch said...

Thanks for sharing Mick, nice to see respect on so many levels.

clayfin said...

I like the way it says "Gents" on the entryway - what's on the other side - Sheilas?

Beach Bum said...

We call them the "bogs" - and I've never seen any public lavs like that without grafitti. There must be a powerful vibe off that snake!

Gum said...

Hi Mick!

I choose this picture for this message, as I really like this kind of art. For sure, the "bogs" seem less smelly decorated like this :-D

My smelly news of the day: have a serious computer problem and could not start it anymore. I am happy it gave me a chance after an hour of trying (perhaps the last one) to tell what is up. I guess the bloody box is dying and if it's right, I even won't be able to send mails anymore. I also think I am loosing hundreds of pictures right now what is driving me mad. But, at least I could tell my people the problem is just a technical one.
The good part of it: I will have more time for my handycraft.