Monday, March 02, 2009

Well it was my birthday yesterday.

The years fly by like poles out a train window and I leave a trail of wheels behind me as they fall off day after day.

As the last week crept by I had visions of a lovely offshore day with perfect waves 'somewhere', but as the weekend approached it became all too clear it would be crap. That Sue, I knew, would be working, and the kids dashing about with school play rehearsals and skating meant that I was all on my lonesome and surf-less to boot.

Not wanting to sit and contemplate my navel, or fluff mine as my dear old dad used to call his, I decided, after making a spaghetti bolognaise for the week and starting the dinner for that night (well trained aren't I?) to hit the road on the bike and head up to some mountain bike trails about 45 minutes ride from home. Got up there, beautiful afternoon with bellbirds calling by the riverside, and I spied a serious looking lycra clad lad exiting a little gate up ahead.

You beauty I think as I sidle up, g'day mate as I pass and keyhole my way through the gate that is clearly meant to discourage fainthearted biking types.

So I start riding along this trail and it is suddenly very narrow, rocky and traversing a fifty odd degree slope meaning if I go off the side I really do go off the side.

Then the stairs cut into the rock appear and to make matters worse it seems as though the guy I'd passed earlier actually rode down the things.

Hmmm. So I walk up, get back on the bike and whizz along for a bit, around a few corners , doing well, shit I'm hot I think, the old fart hasn't lost too much, dodge a tree, hit a root, wheel goes over the edge and I go over the handlebars.


Survey the damage,.. Torn shorts, grazed elbow, grazed knee. Gravel rash on hand, bruised pride.

A guy on the other side of the river waves at me and gives me the thumbs up.

I suppress the urge to give him a digit unrelated to a thumb, wave and get back on.

A few turns later I repeated the performance, and fifty metres after that I did it again.

Righto, up this track the road. I'll call it a day.

That night, my mate Mo came 'round with his kids for my and Tommy's birthday.. which was the day before, and we had some fun.

Todays pics, none of the birthday... but a couple of shots from my Banyaks trip last year, me coming back from a session and you can bet what kind of birthday present those waves would have been.


DP said...

happy bday to you mick. you're livin the life as far as i'm concerned, mr banyak. - thanks for those photos this morning - i got a good laugh thinking about chef wearing a life jacket on the dighy - and the photo of whistles(?)!

ras said...

hiya Mick and happy birthday! nothin like a beating on the trails to remind you that your alive eh? all I can think is that I hope that when I'm a father of teenagers I'll still charge any surf and sketchy mountain bike trails the way you do. hey perhaps one year you can come this way for a late fall surf trip. we can look for some points like the one's in the photo -only a little colder and maybe not as heavy but certainly heavenly. your posts are always inspiring.

nursemyra said...

oh! a very very happy birthday for yesterday. and stay away from dangerous trails. we want you to be around for another birthday next year, and the years after that xx

seamouse said...

Happy belated birthday! Laughed my ass off thinking about you trying not to flip that fella the bird.

Alan_M said...

Happy Happy Mick, and congrats on another award for MS!

tres_arboles said...

Root's just reminding you who's boss; like a sneaker set on a big winter day at a peak you've been ruling all season. Happy birthday and many more!


reverb said...

...a salutation for the Bday
and congrats for how many places the film is achieving respect