Thursday, March 12, 2009

Extending the long run of crook luck, another week has dragged by without waves in our southern climes, and even if I had been able to I've been desk bound as ever, although I did allow myself the fleeting pleasure of watching the Quiksilver Pro on the web. Brief grabs of raging superbank and those guys exist on another surfing planet. It might be all a bit same same after awhile but what they do and what I do aren't the same at all.

Hats off chaps and hats off to Parko. I hope he's as big a gentleman as he seems.

This weekend we're staring down the barrel of a half decent swell and the possibility of an offshore for a couple of hours here and there so perhaps... just perhaps, there'll be a photo of something other than what I did on my last bike ride.

Yes, I fell off again on the weekend.

This time, scooting along a riverside track, I saw a photo opportunity so did a big slide intending to stylishly drift to a stop but instead drifted in a full circle and ended up sitting on the ground next to my bike, furtively looking about and hoping no one saw the old fuckwit fall off the rusty mountain bike.

A couple of ducks (photographed) later I was on my way and at least it was some exercise. Tore my pants again too.

Well, I made the earlier tear bigger to be more accurate.

Elsewhere in Australia, Noosa continues to rage as the cyclone pumps in the waves, with a couple of well heeled friends jetting up there to catch the action... along with the thousand or so other punters in the lineup. With the proliference of alaia's up there it is probably the first major cyclone swell that has featured boards grown up the road rather than pumped out of a petro chemical plant.

Thank you Tom Wegener.

Photos today, the aforementioned ducks, and a freak door to the Underworld has opened, allowing Tommy to go for a skate on his birthday board last Tuesday night. Mind you he got the thing on the 28th Feb not having ridden a skateboard in months and was ripping it up almost straight away.

Dad, I'm not sure whether to be a pro blader or a pro skater.

Get good marks I say, skating will look after itself.

Dad, you're a dick.

Like I said.

A freak door from the Underworld.

They probably threw him out.


nursemyra said...

hope the ducks were worth the fall

walrus said...

please push him towards the skateboard path.. cause it just feels right.. having said that my best friend from high school went down the blader path and from that choice he now own's nightclubs, is a TV presenter and two weeks ago married Miss Universe/New Zealand.. there's a moral here somewhere..

Foulweather... said...

Proper board (Antihero) and proper style on the frontside grind. There is no reason for the little man to settle for blading or academia as far as I can tell...