Monday, March 16, 2009

You could tell there has been a wave drought yesterday.

A half decent mix of conditions and, naturally, with the 'benefits' of the web broadcasting to all and sundry that there was a chance for a splash, the line ups that greeted my crusty old eyes were packed when we pulled in to the Winki carpark. Must've been eighty guys out, spread down the line and Bells not much better.

All this with a lackluster 3 foot swell with a very occasional 4 footer rolling through. It was hard to snag a wave, and the longboards were greedy.

The bright side? I was in the water, which was warm, and I caught up with a few mates.

Basically had a cuppa tea out the back and chatted for three hours. I did get a couple that were fun, but the second surf in six weeks (not for lack of trying) showed.

Today, the swell has risen and I'm told there are good waves around 5 foot down there... and the wind is offshore.

Shot for the day... Winki from Bells looking fun and stormy, and a little bit of hilarity from the boys at Surfing Life.

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Rick said...

do you guys use the Hawaiian wave measuring system? or is 3 to 4 feet waist to chest high?