Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hot off the electronic presses as a shot gets sent to me from my mate Marky, who'd in turn been sent said shot by Hec, resident GP in Denmark, in the faaaaarrrr south of Western Australia and all round good bloke, crazy as a coconut, tube denizen and leaver of little messages where you least expect them.

He's also a dab hand at stitching up wounded boat mates....

....and getting himself back in the water when he has no business being there. This is a snap of a recent hit out at the local backbeach.

I'm not sure if Hec took the shot or was out there but I have no doubt he managed one at some time over that swell.


ras said...


Bill said...

that's sweet

Dr. Robert said...

well, I'll admit it.
that looks pretty scary..the sand
gurgling up and such..
channels...who needs em?
fortune favors the brave.