Saturday, June 07, 2008


No doubt some of you may be wondering what's happened to Musica Surfica?

We've got it in two Festivals so far. The Surfilmfestibal08 in San Sebastian has it on opening night (in two weeks time). The New York Surf Film Festival tell me they're opening with it too so I can't tell you how happy I am about that. A great thrill and honour and our thanks to both committees. Also we've got entries into other mainstream festivals and will continue to do so, but how we go there will be interesting as the criteria broaden markedly. That being said, it's so different so who knows?

Over the past couple of months we've also been sorting the marketing plan, I've been designing sleeves, DVD and Soundtrack CD faces, recording directors commentary for the extras (quite a few), trying to make a living and trying to edit a short of the film to send out that gives a sense of MusicaSurfica in two and a half minutes.

Not easy as I was so close to it, and not having done one before what I ended up with was crap, so I went surfing.

So the other day the boys (Simon and Richard, who produced the film) and a young editor who saw it for the first time last week, really liked it and said he'd have a shot, sat down and produced this. The main musical piece is Paganini Caprice 5, as played by Richard and Satu in Derek Hynd's old cheese factory.

I hope you enjoy it.


pushingtide said...

Continued good luck Safe. You are really goin' for it mate. It'll all pay off. Keep surfin'!

Pureness in the Imperfection said...

Here in Brasil we love Musica Surfica!
And I would love to send some Aloha from Brasil,
Jair Bortoleto

Leonie said...

That was really cool. I love the person spinning on the wave, and the music is amazing. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing sometime. :)

NiegĂ  said...

I haven't seen Musica Surfica yet, but it's only a few days away now. And i'll get to watch it on a big screen in and beautiful old theatre. Look forward to it.


nursemyra said...

so glad you put in the quote about art making our lives grand. and the snippet of Satu swivelling her hips on the board -one of my favourite moments

Daniel said...

Nice teaser, can't wait to see the whole thing.

clayfin said...

Can't wait to see this on a big screen - good job on the short.

Gazelle said...

Looking very good, Mick.

reverb said...

...Mick, why not sell the video to channels like Discovery, etc
seems that got all that they want
so you ve got a globe exposition

or may be they dont pay too much...

I dunno

Anonymous said...

Hey Mick,
It's looking pretty damn interesting mate. The music really punctuates the fluidity and randomness of the crazy finless rides - I love Derek's 'spinners' and the slow-mo of the guy wresting control of the huge Hawaiian board on the left hander.
Looking forward to seeing the entirety.
See ya soon.
Mick B

pranaglider said...


seamouse said...

Sums it up pretty well!!! I'd say it's a job well done by your young editor friend.

Envious of those you get to see it on the big screen. They've got a real treat coming to them.

Beach Bum said...

Art will out.

DC said...

Well Mick, I can only say I'm looking forward to see the movie.
I'm sure, for the previews we've seen so far, that it'll be great.