Thursday, May 22, 2008

I just got a few shots back from the processors. Yes.. film, low tech, but my digi died and it's back to a cardboard box and a pinhole.

Geez they get soggy in the lineup.

The results with the lores scans a bit disappointing but I can't complain about the waves, apart from the crowds.


seamouse said...

cool. Shot 3 is a keeper.

lawless said...

Beautiful looking waves. Good to hear you got some fun ones.

I agree, 3rd shot is a painting for sure.

pushingtide said...


tres_arboles said...

Agree with fellow bloggers on #3, but the blue in #2 is so deep. Nice.


reverb said...

...tremendous waves
fantastic trip

Mick, I have several questions, if I may:

-what you suppose now the best type of board to rides the first picture?(very hollow wave and seems very fast)
in lenght, but what type of tail rocker, fins set up, type of fins
or did you used plugs? if so what models?
noticed the difference in the bottom turns if you changed the fins or/and fin set ups?
also very interested in the tilt (cant) of the fins
seems only 4ยบ due to the toobs

-what type of tails? round pinned or some pin up 7´ may be
or baby squashes..
so, to hold those supertubes, better a thinner tail outline and not too thick tail..

-a light surfer with good skills
which type of board you recommend?
what you see there?
may be 6 7 ? with bulk in the chest tapered out and dommed deck?

-what type of board for a lightweight and for a heavyw surfer when the surf down to a more average conditions?

and many many more...



Doc said...

Looks way too tropical...
Where's the rain?
And the wind?
And crappy waves?

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable stuff Professor... they say jealousy is a curse, but I'll live with it.
Like to catch up for a bite to eat and hear some stories about it.
Cheers mate

nursemyra said...

lovely images

Gaz said...

What crowds Mick?

Ryan said...

nice shots