Friday, May 02, 2008

Last Sunday I mentioned a surf at Bells and a young Spanish girl on the beach who'd snapped some shots of me on a couple of waves.

Maria sent me the shots, and there were some beauties (for me) amongst them.

One, however got me thinking.

At first glance I went Yay!!, then I noticed a board in mid air behind me. Took the gloss off it for me a bit.
I don't remember stuffing anyone, but given my deep history, and the nature of Bells, it's entirely possible. It's just one of those places, with a big playing field, when even when you think you're Johnny on the Spot, someone is behind you.

So, apologies blue board guy, I really wasn't trying to do the dirty.

In the deep past though, growing up on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, I was a shocker. You kind of had to be... it was a pretty intense area, and the local board club (Peninsula Boardriders) had an award called the Wolfman, for the best at you know what.

Year after year I was told I nearly won it, but always, always, thankfully, there was someone worse. There were some pretty legendary Wolfmen 'round them parts. Truth be known it'd be the only thing I did win as I was totally crap at contests. ("Shit everyone is watching me!!!!.'"Then proceed to fuck up every wave until the hooter went.. then the pressure would come off and I'd get a good one. How many times I got told..."Mick if you got another one like that during the heat you'da won it!" Yeah right)

So today I fly off to where there's absolutely no pressure.

I'm feeling better and the Banyaks is on!! I leave in an hour.

To Alex and Maria, have a great world trip. It sounds fantastic.

To everyone else... I hope the shots come out so that I can share some more.... (Oh anxiety..)

Oh and here's the Wolfman at Bells last Sunday.


Bill said...

Nice turn though, and what the hell is that thing looming in the backround ?

tres_arboles said...

I think it's a case of bail-age, not stuff-age, Mick. But I am prone to giving you the benefit of the doubt 'cause I like your blog!

Bill--the ship in background looks like an auto-carrier, referred to in the shipping industry as "roll-on, roll-off."

ras said...

rippin as usual mick

reverb said...

...good surf