Monday, June 02, 2008

Serves me right for going away. I've got a poxy cold and despite waves on the weekend I was laid up. I can barely talk. Some might say no loss.

Waves were good too, as it turns out.

And speaking of good waves, Sean Davey sent me ANOTHER King Island tantaliser. Its looooong, so long in fact that I've edited it so that you can actually see what Sean manages to capture. His article on the place is coming up in several venerable publications.

And an answer to a question from Andrew re the Banyaks.

No land camps, but it has been done feral I'm told. Be careful if you do as there is a malaria element on some of the islands. Also Simeulue has waves, but not nearly as good as pre quake. A lot of uplift on the western side.. in fact the island tilted, west up, east down. There is a land camp there and we did fly over some guys surfing a meaty, largish and Bellsy looking left. Fun but not hollow. That being said there is a coastal road so it's easyish to check and explore, and there is no one surfing really. We flew a lot of the coast and you could easily have a great time in my opinion. No G-lands but lots of chances to name your spots. Good luck.

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clayfin said...

second shot on third block - my goodness!