Saturday, June 21, 2008

Woops. Nearly a week since the last post. Saturday morning, everyone is still asleep. Bedlam hasn't erupted yet and I've been sitting checking some shots of the recent trip to the Banyaks. These given to me by Markie, who'd just bought one of the little waterproof Olympus happy snapper... the model up from mine, which met an unfortunate end.

On occasion over there the camera was borrowed by Justin, another of our number, who, because his back was giving him a lot of grief, would take the camera into the line up, for the swim, and to try his luck.

Now Justin is not a photographer... didn't have a clue, but he produced a series of happy accidents that in their skewed, weirdly framed way, made for some great shots. Below is a case in point. The subject, Hec, one of our two doctors on board, is making a late drop at Cobra Logs. Juzzie is about to be enveloped as he's far closer to Hec* than you think, and the lens is half submerged. Given the lens is about a centimetre in diameter and you do indeed have a very happy accident.

*See the bottom of my entry for Nov 11 2006 for more about the mighty Hec.

And as for Justin, his great fame is as a musician, being well known as one of the best blues harp players in Oz, as well as killing it on mandolin, violin, drums, guitar, and God knows what else. And he really rips in the surf too when his back isn't giving him hell. He was in the Melbourne Band Things of Stone and Wood for many years, this clip being Happy Birthday Helen. You can see the ginger nutted Justin leaping about with the elfin glee that perpetuates his life.

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