Sunday, June 15, 2008


Over the past weeks I've discovered a few gems to add to the growing list of interesting souls decorating the mystery that is the web. Through my interest in drawing the delights of the Indiscreet Mechanical Pencil, one man's journey as he sketches his way through life, found it's way to my screen.

Again through a chance comment on SafetoSea, I happened upon Nursemyra... who's take on the world is both sexy and life affirming. As you'll discover if you dip into Gimcrack Hospital, she's been through quite a bit and is using her interests in the worlds of medicine and the erotic to both entertain, titillate and touch the souls of us all in some unsuspecting ways. Be warned... Myra is a PG lady so if you're under 16... have a look anyway.

Because she seemed interested but had no real connection at all with surfing, I sent her a copy of Musica Surfica, just to see what a non surfer might think. Check out her review in her Movies section.

Through Nursies links I found an hilarious English blog... charting the amorous adventures of the unlikely Lord Likely. Funny in the way only the English can be, go there and prepare to cry...

Then there's Grandmas Gone Surfing. A New York surfing granny has got to be pretty interesting and it's worth visiting this lady as she struggles to master the 'pop up' and all those other things that drive or drove us mad as we struggled to master the unmasterable.

Yesterday another comment from a lady named Jamie led me to PineappleLuv. Jamie seems so nice it's frightening.

And finally Shakas and Singlefins. If anyone is scouring the web for things of interest in the surfing world it is Ryan. And in the process, being very interesting himself. He's also a pretty fine photographer. Worth a look if you haven't been there already.

As for me I still haven't had a decent surf since I've been Back from the Banyaks, which probably accounts for why I've found all of the above.

I'll leave you with another Banyak shot. A sunset, somewhere up there, just one of 12 nightly spectaculars.


Anonymous said...

hey mick - great photo and thans for the link xx

dP said...

fantastic account of your journey - i'm headed to the banyaks at the end of july for two weeks... stokin hard -

Lord Likely said...

Ah, she truly is a wonderful woman, that Nurse Myra, and I thank her from the bottom of my loins for leading you to my glorious journals.

Many thanks for dropping by. A pleasure to make your acquaintance!

- Lord Likely.

Jamie Watson said...

Hi Mick, you just made me laugh. I can't wait to check out these other links too.