Monday, May 30, 2011

A fair amount of swell this weekend.

Not unusual around now, but swell without any wind is a rare beast and on both Saturday and Sunday you'd be hard pressed to blow out a birthday cake on the headlands of Victoria. Lucky me had a leave pass both days, as the ratbags had 'commitments' and the adorable one did too.

"Get out!" I was told, so dutifully I obeyed.

Like a shot out of a cannon.

Saturday was surprisingly solid, and I was trying to get back on the thruster after months off it on hulls and boards without fins.

Add a new set of Cdrive-fins, plus a twitchy 6'2" meant a long and shaky start. With guys out on boards ranging around the 7-8ft plus, I was getting the 'you're dreaming' as I scratched around on my little thing, but eventually old fatboy scragged a couple, undistinguished though they may be.

Luckily the swell held into yesterday, and the loosened arms meant an easier session with a fair few under the belt at the end. I wasn't ripping (as if) but the corners of the mouth turned up a couple of times.. and the surprisingly small crowd was a happy one.

Pics.. a snap from Steve Ryan of a Saturday wave I don't even remember, with clouds and glass from a smaller yesterday afternoon.

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