Monday, May 09, 2011

Dim prospects can sometimes delight. Or from poor circumstances gems come flying into our laps.

With Mother's Day coming there was no way I was going to absent myself from home on Sunday, though my weather eye did notice it was going to be pretty average anyway unless a dawn session was possible. (Fat chance)

Saturday, then, got the nod, and again I went against the flow of the small swell forecast and tried a spot I rarely check.

A tidy little right hander under a cliff, eventually by myself for a couple of hours, then a paddle up the cliff line to a long right that improved as the wind shifted more offshore and the swell started to kick... followed by a couple on the left in between on the way back to the car and after six hours I had definitely had enough. It just kept getting better and better, a little patience was the only thing between me and a great big smile.

Pics: The little right, the other little right that got bigger, and the left that got even bigger. Started at two foot, ended at a solid four. I'm not complaining.


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6ftnperfect said...

if you keep posting these wave pics I'm going to move down there and add one more head to the lineup!