Sunday, December 27, 2009

Two posts in one day? What's all this about?

Well... Ages ago I'd begun
some webisodes for Maurice Cole. A lack of access to the edit suite I use due to a feature being cut in there meant it was taking way longer than it should have, so in the end I bought Final Cut Pro, mad fool that I am, and did the final little bit of cutting myself as my good mate and editor Tony was out of town. Reacquainting myself with it in ways other than sitting next to the editor was bracing, but I got it out in the end.

Tales from the Chook Shed will become a series, as we reveal the innermost workings of the mind of master shaper Maurice Cole. MC is a man you can't shut up, nor would you want to as when on a roll he is a very entertaining, and informative guy. His drum is his own, the beat unique.

This episode features an epic wave from Ross Clark Jones, at Voldemort. I'm calling it Voldemort because it's real name is off limits, as is the coast it's on.

In the coming episodes we'll have a history of tow boards, Nick Carroll's thoughts on what Maurice is doing, and some epic waves from Mordor.

For the kiddies I've bleeped most of the expletives, though for me it's all part of the fun.


Jason said...

Cool - looking forward to watching more. Also, Santa brought me a Blu-Ray player for Xmas - is Musica Surfica available in Blu-ray? (Hope you guys had a great Christmas, by the way!) Finally, always wondered where you got the blog title from. Great poem!

Gaz said...

Are you on bloody hols? The chook shack is great stuff!

Beach Bum said...

Hi mate - just stopping by to wish you and your the proverbial Happy new Year! I see you're getting spammed by exactly the same bunch of wankers as me - some things never change!