Monday, January 18, 2010

Well back after one of the more 'interesting' holidays I've had.

The surf was largely crap, bar a couple of days of good five foot lefts.

Otherwise relentless drivel, or rather, small waves and crowds. Within that, it was fun, and we used what we had to our best advantage. The little alaia got a thrashing, and is a genuine blast. Joey fell in love with it and rode it relentlessly, as did I when he let me at it.

Tom get us jumping the whole time, as he jumped out of windows to go to parties at 2 am time after time, us worrying ourselves sick while he made the most of a 'beach holiday'.... with all that goes with it.

Fourteen going on twenty.


Then, to top it off, on the way back and driving through a massive storm in the Snowy Mountains yesterday, we lost (and I mean lost... gone forever... blown to god knows where) three boards off the roof... after me checking the ties just an hour before. Amongst them one of Maurice Cole's favourites that he'd loaned me to try out. Gutted.

Big spirit that he is he took it well this morning but I've fallen into a funk.

How to make it up to him.

Pics, Alaia stuff with Joey... me imitating a marker buoy, and a bird imitating a leaf.

More tales from the trip if I can summon the energy soon.

Happy New Year.


Gaz said...

I know that feeling mate, lost a double bag that contained 2 magic sticks. The big hole that should have contained the bag was a like a stab to the heart....

One was a 6'9"Spider M that I had gone to Canada to buy from it's original owner. Beauty all rounder.

The other was a 6'4" Lanny Shuler, that may have been my fave board of all time, it was that good!

All lost to the dust trail behind the van as I drove off unawares......

Ramsnake said...

Bummer mate, sorry to hear about that!

Toddy said...

Eh, things only last so long.
And then they're gone.

* TONYA * said...

Great pics of Joey.

Honey, I feel your pain. 14 going on 20. Ugh. We will get through it ... hopefully without doing them in :).

Sorry about the boards, that totally bites.

Love you guys. Miss you all.