Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Back from the Yallingup Film Festival and what an event.

So well organised, incredible venue and sponsors and everything laid on. The film makers were driven to the event each day in limo's, through sun filled vineyards and past perfect beaches.

Unfortunately Musica didn't win, though it was incredibly well received and honoured by the acknowledgement that it was the film that inspired the Festival to be held in the first place. The winner was the remarkable and controversial Sea of Darkness, winner of the 209 New York Festival also. I met some wonderful people, as expected, made some friendships and renewed others.

Over the next few days I'll give a proper report, but I thought a taste was worthwhile.

The pics are from day one and the the last surf of the three days. (Tom Wegener and I at a lonely beachy, gut sliding alaias....I was laaaaghable, Tom got tubed)

The report through all the time we were there was for 1-3ft rubbish, and get a wave if you're lucky.

I first surfed at a spot called Three Bears, kinda busy but super friendly, three great peaks to choose from, and caught a ton of waves. Then driving back I looked down and spotted these two guys surfing a perfect peak... all by themselves.

Back where we were staying, later in the afternoon I snapped the shorey of the whitest, clearest watered beach I've ever seen.

Yep, these shots are WA at it's worst.

World, eat your heart out.


Daveswave said...

Good job you took boards !

Bears almost always has a wave but is usually very crowded.

I'm heading down tomorrow and your pics have perked me up a little because the swell is so small.

tres_arboles said...

Nice sparkly photos. Even in the midst of a mild winter here in Washington, it's easy to forget the world exists in living color. Those waves shots of yours made me think of one thing, the lyric that Eddie Vedder riffs on in a campfire scene in the surf film "Fifth Symphony Document."

"...Australia...such a lucky country...".



nursemyra said...

that second photo is fabulous