Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A quick post as I wing my way tomorrow to what might be the last Film Festival for a bit.

The Yallingup Surfilm Festival has invited me over for their inaugural event, and it looks like it will be something special. A great line up of films, including the winner of this years New York Surf Film Festival so I wish both of us luck in a unique line up. I'm looking forward to meeting some wonderful new people... If it's anything like New York (hard act to follow) watch out.

The big plus is the place. Yallingup is a stone's throw, in fact smack in the middle of, one of the world's great wave zones.

Do you think I should bother taking a board?

Fingers crossed all round I suppose and next week be prepared for a report.


Daveswave said...

Take a board or two. Your only problem is that is school holdays so it is massively crowded but I'm sure a local will hook you into a secret spot or two.

Last weekend was classic and there is always a wave somewhere.

The Yallingup end of the coast is better than the Marges end. More waves, better choice and warmer water.


NiegĂ  said...

Congrats nevertheless for inspiring people, Mick. After all, isn' that what you wanted when you filmed Musica Surfica?

And as for West Oz and Yallingup... your pictures bring lots of memories of the 2 months I spent at the Canal Rocks Caravan Park in the mid 90s, surfing all those spots without a care in the world (Back of the moon, Rabbit Hill, Smith's Beach, Indjiup, down to Guillotines, Lefties, Secrets, Noises and Little Ulu's....). Can't wait to go back there one day!!!

NiegĂ  (tearful)