Monday, December 07, 2009

Launch occurred for the little alaia on Saturday.

My legs are buggered as the measly pins haven't been kicking anything more strenuous than kid's backsides for ages, though that particular workout I suspect needs arcing up at present.

Richie and I did the usual morning run via coffee and a muffin, the Bells/Winki lineup packed and pretty average, so we opted for a little beachy down the road a bit, one guy out, with shifting peaks and lots of waves.

Simply wearing fins and riding a piece of wood was a change, and I'm happy to say the board flies, holds a high line, turning pretty well too. It did everything I asked and given the waves weren't thumping barrels, I must say I can hardly wait to find some.

Two hours later I was knackered, cramping in the calves and my favourite bit of all, bellying right up the beach with my arms out like superman, is just as much fun as the last time I did it.

Also over the weekend I finally finished shaping the big alaia. I will, hopefully, complete the oiling and drying process over the next few days. In the shots it is at coat three with two more to go, so... not long now.

It is pretty though. I think I'm in love.

The other little addition is a hand plane I roughed out from the one off cut large enough. It features a full length concave and chine wings, all design elements based on flakey hunches.


Dan said...

Very impressed with the final look of the board. i'v seen an alaia on the net (or at least it was called one). supposed to be super fast. the swallow tail is a cool touch, must make it insanely fast in decent waves.

hope to see some pics of it in the water.

Eef said...

lookin'good Mick! I'm jalous at your woodworking skills!!


Ramsnake said...

Yep sweet looking board and there is something very rewarding about lying down and being right inside the face of the wave. A king hit of negative ions I reckon!

Little Bro said...

Great work Mickey. Very impressed with your woodworking skills. You're putiing Billy to shame. Looking forward to seeing it up close.

sage said...

Good on you mick. nice work and hope you and the family are great.

Jamie Watson said...

They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...


nursemyra said...

pretty indeed