Friday, December 11, 2009

A post for posting's sake, it's a late Friday afternoon so why not?

The day before yesterday I slipped down for a splash, shoulda, shoulda, shoulda gone out at Winki as despite the crowd I think I'd have done better. After four and a half hours I'd still not managed a wave by myself at Bells. Very pretty, but very inconsistent with the accompanying frustrations.

A lot of guys on longboards doing the, "I've got a big board and I can catch anything I want' thing, and me imitating a cork named Bob wishing I hadn't sold the 9'2".

Still, it was sunny, and warm.

On leaving the water I was having a chat with one of the offending longboarders, a friendly German guy who was on a solo 'round Australia trip. He could surf ok too, having learned on the North Sea and the Baltic.

I had one of those once by the way. Took ages to kill it.

Ball Tick.

Never mind.

Anyway, the interesting thing with him was his other board..

Stashed in a bag, and with the wrong fin in it...

A beautiful 7'2" Liddle hull. In Australia there are more hen's teeth.


"Where the hell did you get that!!??"

"Dubai. I paid toooo hondred euros. Do you sink I vas ripped arff?"

The pic is the Winki I shoulda, shoulda paddled out to.

PS: I'm blaming the longboards but really I'm just an old plonker.

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NiegĂ  said...

Yesterday I had a surf @ Lafitenia and went through a similar situation (frustration). Then I decided to move back halfway to the beach and my wave-ration improved by catching those waves that were sectioning to the guys out the back.

Did you tell the german guy that "yes, you had been ripped but because I'm nice I'm buying it off you for the same price you have paid"?


Keep well!