Monday, December 15, 2008

No surf on the weekend as I had to work, barely moved from my desk the whole time, and the waves were crap anyway.

A big low sitting smack dab on top of my home town meant screaming on-shores and so much rain I swear the animals were start to queue, it was cold, bleak and er.... cold and bleak.

So not much to report in that department but I do feel urged to bring a young guy to your attention who is about to release a book, well, in May he is, but in truth it was his blog that really got my attention, as I'll tell you all about the book a little later... like April.

Jaimal Yogis' site is a mixture of observation, poetry and quirky illustration, his life journey has so far been quite extraordinary and I have to confess he has a sense of himself in the universe that definitely eluded me at the ripe old age of 28 or so.

So have a read and I leave you with a shot I pinched from his site. It's him just pulling off a wave, but if that ain't dancing, my name is Ned Kelly.

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Anonymous said...

great recommendation Mick