Monday, December 22, 2008

I have a correction to make and an apology that goes with it.

If any one reading this has purchased Musica Surfica, (most of you I hope... if I haven't given it to you) then you will note on the credits at the back the track list for the soundtrack cd included.

One of the tracks is the Largo from the Second Violin Concerto by J.S. Bach, with the credits going to Richard Tognetti, Satu Vanska and the ACO.

When I got the track from the studio it was a master with no detailed credits attached but my assumption was that it was exactly the same musicians as played the track on King Island, plus the entire Orchestra.

A little email came my way they other day telling me that in fact on this particular track the two violinists were not Richard Tognetti and Satu Vanska, but Richard T and Helena Rathbone.

Helena is the Principal Second Violin in the ACO, and it was only through my not being informed the mistake was made.

Sorry Helena... and on the next round of packaging there will be credit where credit is due.

And as for me, me, me... the weekend finally saw me getting in the water, and another attempt at finless.... more success this time, many more made waves, but the spin eludes me..

I am though, forming an understanding.

Please read the accompanying biography for Helena. You don't get into this Orchestra until you are at the absolute top of your game... and as you can see a lot of hard work and talent goes into making it in this most difficult of disciplines.


nursemyra said...

Helena sounds very qualified indeed

R.T. said...

making proper credits is always an intense task that happens as your just trying to catch your breath from editing the main body of the film.

just got my copy of Musica Surfica and watched it... BRAVO, Mick! BRAVO!!!