Friday, December 19, 2008

My little bloke Tom would have to be every parent's heart attack.

I get home last night, Tom's at the skate park, and Sue tells me Tom nearly killed himself today. Oh yeah I say distractedly... thinking I've heard that one a few times before..

But then Sue says have a look at this as she pulls out Joey's phone to play me the latest catastrophe... and there's Tom bouncing up and down on the trampoline at Harry's place. Uh oh I begin to think as I hate trampolines and put the devil incarnate on one and all sorts of shit can unleash itself.

So I ask what's he trying to do... a double back somersault layout.. or something like that.

OK by now I'm getting the hair going up the back of my neck standing up and just then up and over he goes.. once twice... well almost twice and he lands on his fucking head and then bounces onto the grass.

Of course I laughed .. that nervous sort of laugh when you should be crying and then in walks Tom... and he's fine, tells me about all the new tricks he's mastered, scabby face and all. then goes and raids the fridge.

Today he rings me as I begin to fret some more. Where are you little mate...?

I'm at Harry's... on the trampoline!

I hate trampolines.



ras said...

wow! Mick all all I can visualize is Tom bounding up the seat backs at the stadium. He's got it in him.

Anonymous said...

ouch! sometimes I wonder if parenting is worth the constant angst. then they smile at you .....

* TONYA * said...

Okay, paragraph 2&3. Rolling on the floor laughing. I can totally picture you 2 having that exact conversation.

Tom, you about gave me a heart attack. I'll have to play the video for Jay tomorrow. He'll love it.

Toddy said...

Oh man, I hate trampolines.