Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well if doesn't rain then it certainly pours.

Last week I was interviewed for NewsHour on the Australia Network, our Window to the World satellite channel, for a piece on Richard Tognetti and the ACO. It is also a damn good little ad for Musica Surfica, as you'll see.

Apparently it is seen by some hundreds of millions, which is a bit mind boggling.

If it takes off in India and China we'll be rich, rich, rich!!

I wish.

Now for the Urdu and Mandarin translations.

It's only six and a half minutes or so, but you do get to see the ACO in the context they usually work, and my ugly mug creeps in too.

1 comment:

warren p said...

another great interview mick
you always covey the excitement and enthusiasm that was there on KI